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Welcome to the Yoga Vista Academy Community! We have lots to offer the Gentle, Senior and Chair Yoga Teaching Community. Browse and click away! We continually add new content, so check back often!


Marilyn Freeman, Silver City, New Mexico, USA

Yoga Vista Academy Certified Chair Yoga Teacher

Thank YOU for your inspiring course and continuing to inspire with videos, the forum, newsletters, etc. You inspired me to rise to the challenge to offer a class that really has meaning, depth, “meat” and value. I hope we get to meet in person. You are a jewel!

John Conroy, Ennis, Republic of Ireland

Yoga VIsta Academy Trained Chair Yoga Teacher

Triple Hinges – This three part sequence exercise certainly gets in and strengthens our hips and Glutes . I have had 3 students in classes who had hip operations and prior to surgery concentrated on these exercises and recovered much quicker after surgery as a result of having the Glutes and hip area strengthened up.

Kathie Walsh, Buena Vista, Colorado, USA

Chair and Gentle Yoga Teacher

Thank you for all of the fantastic online and DVDs you have shared with myself and so many others! My classes are great because of your hard work, ideas and input even though we have not met in person.

Lori B., Oregon, USA

Exercise Instructor

I teach in a Fear of Falling Study for the Oregon Research Institute and use so many of your ideas in my classes. Teaching a seated stretching class for 60 minutes is the hardest thing I have ever done! The participants are 70+. There are 3 classes randomly computer generated, 1 class is strengthening, 1 is stretching and the other is Tai Chi. I teach both the strengthening and the stretching. You have helped me so much for ideas for stretching for 60 minutes. I am not a yoga teacher, I am an exercise physiologist and I love your ideas. The class loved the Bob Seger song, Listen.

Liana Ables, Millstadt, Illinois, USA

I’m thrilled I’ve learned so much from you and Justine. Thank you for all you do for me and for everyone who comes through your doors. You are truly an angel. You’ve helped me through a pretty rough time. But life is good and on we go. Sending a smile and gratitude.

John Conroy, Ennis, Republic of Ireland

I live in Ireland and have over 350 students. I don’t have a gym of my own so I travel throughout the County on a daily basis to rural areas with low levels of population to Community Halls where Students come once a weekly and get their exercise in with an age profile of 6o – 92.

I really mean this Sherry you have played a huge part in helping me get this going with the vast knowledge, great ideas and variety gained from your online tudorials, Dvd”s and courses completed with you.

Jill Doughty, Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan

You and your co-workers continually inspire me to explore new ways of teaching and sharing yoga with those who over 50. I get so excited to get your newsletter because I know I will be learning something new that I can share immediately with my students. Chair yoga has been a passion of mine since I began a class in 2011 due to an overwhelming demand for yoga that doesn’t require going to the floor. I thought I would have to create this class out of thin air until I found Yoga Vista. Such a find that was!!! Thank you for sharing so much!!

Melanie Schwab, Carlsbad, California, USA

SAYCO Chair Yoga Teacher

I love your newsletter and incorporate so many of the poses into my classes! Great information. Thank you for sharing. I especially enjoy the illustrations of the muscles, that the asanas focus on. So helpful.

Kate Regan, Brisbane, Australia

Yoga Vista Academy Chair Yoga Teacher

My love & excitement for what I’m doing with chair yoga is all down to your ‘generosity of spirit ‘Sherry , and your willingness to share all that you believe is good with your students & trainees the world over. You are truly inspiring !

Jacki Currie, Avon Lake, Ohio, USA

Your online classes and posts are such a wonderful support for me. I am two years into teaching at a 55 and over community. I love it, but as my own manager I often have questions and concerns about my classes. Inevitably, your site will have guidance for me. I feel as though I know your teachers personally from the videos. Thank you is not enough for all you offer to those of us teaching a senior audience.

Andrea A., Rancho Santa Fe, California, USA

Yoga Teacher

I am most grateful for your weekly newsletter, and I frequently go on line to check the different classes available on U Tube for inspiration. I want my students to enjoy and have different ideas to work every part of the body, and it is always so much fun not only to challenge myself but to challenge my students and they seem to love it. Thanks for being so generous in providing the access to your great classes videos.

Jayne Meldrum, Melbourne, Australia

Yoga Teacher

Love Justine Shelton DVDs! I’ve used the lower back sequence in another class I teach & 3 people came up to be & said that their back feels much better. I’m planing to do knee & hip sequence this week. Thanks heaps for the great resources

Jacki C. , Avon Lake, Ohio, USA

Senior Chair Yoga Teacher

“There are those whose lives affect all others around them. Quietly touching one heart, who in turn touches another. Reaching out to ends further than they would ever know. ” Your story today, your Yoga Vista e-mails, your you tube videos and CDs, your observations, and sharing, are a true example of the thought written above. I share what you share, my class members share, and so on….reaching out to ends further than we will ever know.