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The Yoga Vista Academy is a Continuing Education School for the advancement and certification of Yoga teachers and Health and Wellness professionals in their selected specialties. We offer advanced training and certifications for Gentle, Senior, Chair Yoga, Yoga Therapy and Somatics.

Advanced Gentle Yoga Training & Certifications

At the Yoga Vista Academy, we believe that every person, no matter the age, health condition, experience or stage of life, can benefit from the calming and healing energy of yoga. We help to prepare teachers with confidence and skills to serve this fast-growing yoga student community.

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Sherry and Justine

Advanced Training Curriculum

Our Curriculum is created to provide flexibility for the student teacher so that they can craft their own level of expertise in the area of their interest. By selecting from a variety of courses and tracks, the teacher can earn Yoga Alliance Continuing Education units required to keep their Yoga Teaching status current.

CEU Workshops

Attend one or all of our weekend workshops and hone your yoga teaching and professional skills to meet the needs of the gentle, senior and chair yoga student population. Earn Yoga Alliance approved Continuing Education Units for each session.

Past Workshops Check out our Past Workshops and order the Illustrated Workshop Manuals.


Three-Time Yoga Alliance Conference Presenter!

Sherry Zak Morris, E-RYT, Gentle Yoga Teacher

"Gentle, Senior and Chair Yoga: The Untapped Market" Baby Boomers, Seniors and Deskworkers can all benefit from a gentler style of yoga. And what better way to reach these populations than to go out into the community and teach them right where they are! Join Sherry Zak Morris, E-RYT and Yoga Studio owner, at the Yoga Alliance Business of Yoga Conference in Washington DC to find out how to bring yoga into your local libraries, senior centers, assisted living centers, hospitals and workplaces.

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In-Depth Studies of Gentle, Senior, Chair, Yoga Therapy and Somatics

Events & Workshops

Advanced Gentle Yoga Intensives! Check out our 2015 Workshop Schedule

FREE! Instructional Videos for Teachers

Soma-Kinetic Sequences for Your Power Center:
Stomach crunches take a Soma-Kinetic spin as Erhard Rohrmuller shares a fun and challenging sequence of movements to power up your core. View>
Gentle Yoga for Healthy Hips & Knees
Gentle Stretch for the piriformis muscle to alleviate tightening of the lower back and relieve tension from hip to foot. View>

That's Why I Teach Gentle Yoga - If you had the power within you to help people with chronic pain and empower them to live a healthier, happier life - where would your life take you? Consider teaching Gentle Yoga and lift the spirits of a fellow world traveler.
Gentle Yoga - A Matter of Heart - Coming back from heart surgery created a unique opportunity for this new Yoga Teacher. Gentle Yoga supported and guided Heather through her own healing process. With every crisis, there lies opportunity for self-growth...
Yoga for Every Body - What does this group of people in one room have in common? Their ages range from 20's to 70's - some are big, some are small - some are injured, some are stressed - some are mellow, some are hyper? You guessed it!

Here's what goes on at our Workshops!